C-46 podczas operacji Varsity

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C-46 podczas operacji Varsity

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Poniżej przedstawiam jedną z rzeczy, którą udało mi się wygrzebać z mojego starego dysku twardego, a oryginalne źródło zaginęło w odmętach Internetu. Jest to lista wszystkich samolotów C-46 wraz z obsadami załóg i ich losem podczas Operacji Varsity. Oryginalny post z forum 313th TCG wklejam jako cytat.
I have after several years of looking for the information finally been able to complete the following serial and flight list for the 313thTCG aircrew and aircraft that took part in Operation Varsity. If anyone out their has an other information they would like to share about the 313th or C46 Curtiss Commandos used in the ETO please contact me here 313thtcg@gmail.com

Serial A5, 1st Flight 49thTCS

Chalk 1
44-77472 Radio call sign U
Destroyed shot down by flak last sighted with both engines and fuselage on fire
P Major George A Smith KIA
CP Lt Col William A Filer KIA
N 1st Lt William V Sussner KIA
RO S/Sgt William L Magruder Bailed out
CC T/Sgt Alvin E Rehse Bailed out
RT Sgt Seymour Greenstein Bailed out
WC Robert Wilson Bailed out

Chalk 2
44-77525 Radio call sign T
Destroyed shot down by flak, last seen with left wing and fuselage on fire
P Capt Charles F Cochran KIA
CP 2nd Lt Phil H Fortie KIA
N 1st Lt William R Pully Bailed out
RO S/Sgt Kingdon Taylor Bailed out
CC Cpl Barney J Viviano Bailed out LIA bruised neck and wrist

Chalk 3
44-77516 Radio call sign S
Destroyed shot down by flak
P 1st Lt Crockette B Goerner KIA
CP F/O Thomas R Kelly KIA
RO S/Sgt Joseph B Langlois KIA
CC T/Sgt Phillip N Linn KIA

Chalk 4
Undamaged No injuries
P Capt Marlin L Burelbach
CP 2nd Lt Charles F Holcomb
N 1st Lt Robert S Jones
RO S/Sgt James O Catlin
CC T/Sgt Darwin H Soggerman

Chalk 5
Unable to land due to battle damage crew bailed out near Achiet aircraft crashed and was salvaged
P 1st Lt Eugene D Chiles LIA right ankle injured
CP 2nd Lt Edward D Hoffeman LIA cut on right hand
RO S/Sgt John H Warren
CC T/Sgt Marvin H Roth

Chalk 6
Small hole right side of fuselage No injuries 1st echelon repair
P 2nd Lt Carl N Parker
CP 2nd Lt Robert V Evans
RO S/Sgt Vernon O Gvinn
CC Sgt Wallace A McMann

Chalk 7
Large hole right side of fuselage, small hole in belly, holes to top of fuselage and belly No injuries 3rd echelon repair
P Capt Daniel W Lindsey
CP F/O Joe R Hopkins
N 1st Lt Robert D Arnold
RO S/Sgt Earl W Blain
CC T/Sgt William Wallmark

Chalk 8
Large flak hole right forward fuselage No injuries 3rd echelon repair
P 1st Lt Victor A Cognetta
CP F/O James M Hardy
RO S/Sgt William G Wearden
CC T/Sgt Patrick W Murray

Serial A5, 2nd Flight 49thTCS

Chalk 9
Landed A-87 Engine out No injuries
P 2nd Lt Gordon R Wood
CP F/O Boyd E Card
RO Cpl John S Young
CC T/Sgt William F Greenwood

Chalk 10
44-77548 Radio call sign L
Undamaged No injuries
P Capt Robert W Blickensderfer
CP 2nd Lt Paul T Hart
N 1st Lt David M Hardy
RO Sgt Alan G Masseder
CC T/Sgt Roy G Hart
PR Cpl Stanley J Piencikowsky

Chalk 11
Small hole left horizontal stabilizer no injuries 1st echelon repair
P 1st Lt Robert L Kerr
CP 2nd Lt Vincent C Forrest
RO S/Sgt James F Schatz
CC T/Sgt Charles W Watson

Chalk 12
Three hydraulic lines out, two ailerons out, small hole in belly No injuries 1st echelon repair
P 1st Lt Eugene A Rothl
CP 2nd Lt Harold A Wilshire
RO S/Sgt Joseph F Durand
CC T/Sgt Elder F Loney

Chalk 13
Crashed on take off at Achiet Le Grand due to crosswind over runway, salvaged No injuries
P 1st Lt Gilbert A Whiteside
CP F/O Thomas J Hail
N 2nd Lt George H Pete
RO S/Sgt Fredrick Sherman
CC T/Sgt Roy L Sharrett

Replacement for Chalk 13
44-77530 Radio call sign D
Crash landed aircraft salvaged. Made two passes at DZ paratroopers could not drop due to gliders and smoke. Twenty four paratroopers dropped west of Rhine Two paratroopers did not jump one passed out, one wounded
P Capt Robert F Scott
CP 2nd Lt Fredrick C Davis
N 2nd Lt Charles D McCall
RO S/Sgt Vincent Russo
CC T/Sgt Frank J Joda SWA flak wounds in right arm, chest and liver

Chalk 14
Large hole right side of fuselage No injuries 1st echelon repair
P 1st Lt Macel L Mael
CP F/O Roland C Keller
RO S/Sgt Angel A Garcia
CC T/Sgt Marvin Graff

Chalk 15
Small hole right wing No injuries 1st echelon repair
P 2nd Lt Arnold D Pitcher
CP F/O Chester M High Jr
RO S/Sgt Henry J Sharp
CC Cpl James E Fletcher

Chalk 16
Undamaged No injuries
P 1st Lt Robert J Robert J Scroyer
CP 2nd Lt Warren E Smith
N 1st Lt Thomas E Daley
RO 1st Lt John D Thompson
CC T/Sgt William D Resher

Chalk 17
Small left side rear fuselage No injuries 1st echelon repair
P 2nd Lt Louis W Kukay
CP 2nd Lt Melvin C Fidler
RO S/Sgt Leonard P Leena
CC T/Sgt Harrison M Harmon Jr

Chalk 18
Undamaged No injuries
P 2nd Lt Edwin E Welchert
CP F/O Patrick F Kilcoyne
RO Cpl Ralph B Armstrong Jr
CC T/Sgt Robert B Thomas

Serial A5, 3rd Flight 29thTCS

Chalk 19
44-77542 Radio call sign J
Destroyed Aircraft hit by flak on leaving DZ causing a fire in the wing all crew bailed out. Major Laird wound by shell fire after reaching the ground after bailing out
P Maj Robert Laird Bullet wound to chest injured spinal column SWA
CP 1st Lt Raymond Warren Bailed out
N Capt James V Boyle Bailed out
RO S/Sgt Alton Page Bailed out
CC T/Sgt Allen Hymel Bailed out
PR Capt Jerome Cobbe Bailed out

Chalk 20
Undamaged No injuries
P Capt Robert Kerr
CP 2nd Lt Alfred Harpe
N 1st Lt Kenneth Hoffmaster
RO Cpl William Zacharchuk
CC T/Sgt Edwin Rolland

Chalk 21
44-77470 Radio call sign R
Large hole top of vertical stabilizer and aft of left jump door nose hydraulic lines out 3rd echelon repair
P 2nd Lt Charles Baker Flak wounds to right leg SIA
CP 2nd Lt James Crabtree
RO S/Sgt David Rogow Flak wounds left forearm LIA
CC T/Sgt Dowis Thompson

Chalk 22
44-77582 Radio call sign H
Destroyed Last seen with right engine on fire. All crew bailed out with the exception of Capt Kreiser who crash landed aircraft. Three crew men captured by enemy and later in return captured their captors. Capt Kreiser was captured by enemy and then later released by advancing ground forces and returned to base after VE day. RO in hospital
P Capt Joseph Kreiser
CP 2nd Lt John Harris
N 1st Lt Walter Connors
RO S/Sgt Eugene Brashear Bullet wound in left hand LIA
CC T/Sgt Theodore Crall

Chalk 23
Small hole in right wing, rib and spar No injuries 3rd echelon repair
P 1st Lt Johnnie Gosnell
CP 2nd Lt James Curtis
RO Cpl Edward Staricha
CC T/Sgt Robert Zehner

Chalk 24
Undamaged One paratrooper returned to B54 he was last man, and the man in front of him tripped and fell against him and disengaged bundle attached to his leg. Because of this he did not jump No injuries to crew
P 1st Lt Donald Stuart
CP 2nd Lt Kendall DeCourval
RO S/Sgt Elsworth Amos
CC S/Sgt Charles Cullen

Chalk 25
Undamaged No injuries
P 1st Lt John Ryan
CP 2nd Lt Donald Holm
N 1st Lt Arvon Jones
RO Sgt Fernand Boucher
CC T/Sgt Clarence Speed
PR F/O James Fosburgh
WC Thomas Wood

Chalk 26
Undamaged No injuries one paratrooper returned B54 after lapsing into unconsciousness at the time of jump
P 1st Lt Robert Tews
CP 2nd Lt Clavin Danke
RO Sgt William Bates
CC Sgt John Davis

Chalk 27
Damaged No2 bomb shackle lever broken and shackle lost no injuries 1st echelon repair
P 1st Lt Clyde Grove
CP 2nd Lt Absalom Snell
RO S/Sgt Luigi Campanelli
CC T/Sgt Edwin Manuel

Serial A5, 4th Flight 29thTCS

Chalk 28
Large hole left side of fuselage, small holes in holes in flaps, stabilizer, elevator and fuselage. Two paratroopers returned toB54 both having been wounded, one in hand and one in the head the latter was a correspondent as shown by the arm band he was wearing 3rd echelon repair
P Capt James Oleman
CP 2nd Lt Don Hare
N Capt Theodore Ehmke Flak wounds right hip, both legs moderately severe SWA
RO Pvt Alfred Harris
CC S/Sgt John Hart

Chalk 29
Damaged small holes in right front fuselage, right inboard flap and left centre section No injuries 2nd echelon repair
P 1st Lt Fred Ricks
CP 2nd Lt Joseph Harkiewicz
RO S/Sgt Jimmie Weaver
CC T/Sgt Olin Murphy

Chalk 30
Damaged small hole right horizontal stabilizer and damaged rib No injuries 2nd echelon repair
P 1st Lt Jack Simonton
CP 2nd Lt Kenneth Holt
RO S/Sgt Joseph Kelly
CC T/Sgt James Stevenson

Chalk 31
Undamaged No injuries
P Capt John Farley
CP 2nd Lt William Helfer
N 1st Lt Raymond Faust
RO S/Sgt Emanuel Frachtenburg
CC T/Sgt John Buzalko

Chalk 32
Small hole right flap skin and at tip of aileron No injuries 1st echelon repair
P 1st Lt Frank Hodgson
CP 2nd Lt William Cullen
RO S/Sgt Leroy Burtis
CC T/Sgt Ronald Jeffery

Chalk 33
Damaged small arms dent in right propeller No injuries 1st echelon repair
P 1st Lt Robert Myers
CP F/O Edwin Ecklund
RO Sgt William Beath
CC T/Sgt Robert Bienstock

Chalk 34
Undamaged No injuries
P 1st Lt Joe Denson
CP 2nd Lt Charles Hills
N 2nd Lt James McCollum
RO Cpl Earlon Goodwin
CC T/Sgt Leslie Evans

Chalk 35
Damaged small arms rip in left elevator, skin top and bottom No injuries
P 2nd Lt Joseph Royer
CP F/O Robert Hargrave
RO Cpl Douglas Dineen
CC T/Sgt Henry von Rhode

Chalk 36
Damaged flak hit cockpit and shattered cockpit windows. Aircraft landed by co pilot at airfield Y32 3rd echelon repair
P 1st Lt Donald Dunn Eye injury facial wounds from flak LWA
CP 2ndLt Joe Harmy
RO Cpl Norman Harris
CC T/Sgt William Krebs

Serial A6, 1st Flight 48thTCS

Chalk 37
Two holes right rear fuselage, 2 holes rear cargo door, right inboard wing flap needs replacing No injuries 1st echelon repair
P Maj William C Oliver
CP Capt Charles C Eames
N Capt Harold F Kohlbeck
RO Cpl Horace B Dark
CC T/Sgt Dale R Hollander
PR T3 Arthur B Bacon

Chalk 38
Hole in nose, left nacelle hydraulic line
Twelve paratroopers returned, not refusals, bundle jammed in door and troopers could not jump No injuries 1st echelon repair
P Capt Leroy L Bryant
CP 2nd Lt William F Heffernan
N 1st Lt Warren D Bender
RO S/Sgt Harry K Beecher
CC T/Sgt Robert G Marquis

Chalk 39
Hole in nose left nacelle hydraulic line, shot up badly, many holes
One paratrooper returned, not a refusal, injured before jump No crew injuries 3rd echelon repair
P 1st Lt Roy C Smith
CP 2nd Lt Thomas W Poe Jr
RO T/Sgt Lester M Turner
CC Sgt Ralph B Fox

Chalk 40
Hole in left elevator, right flap, wings and fuselage shot up no injuries 3rd echelon repair
P Capt Damron C Owen
CP 2nd Lt Nestor Pena
N 1st Lt Robert T Hobson
RO S/Sgt John Neely
CC T/Sgt Jessie J Pytel

Chalk 41
Returned to Achiet with engine trouble replaced by 44-77583
P 1st Lt Norman B Glaser
CP 1st Lt John O Houck
RO S/Sgt Irving J Kaplan
CC T/Sgt Lawrence A Longton

Chalk 41 replacement Spare No 1
Destroyed Aircraft was burning before crash
P 2nd Lt Merton W Larson abrasions left arm and left anterior chest LIA
CP 2nd Lt Charles E Combs fracture, compression first lumber vertebrae SWA
RO Sgt William F Barlow
CC T/Sgt Joseph R Shilts

Chalk 42
Hole left elevator, rear bulkhead, rudder trim tab, right wing shot up No injuries 1st echelon repair
P 2nd Lt Wayne J Tahtinen
CP 2nd Lt Leon W Whitmore
RO Sgt Paul Rybaczyk
CC T/Sgt Lemuel S Pattishall

Chalk 43
Small hole back of tail wheel No injuries
P 1st Lt Arthur N Gold
CP 2nd Lt Charles L Hill
N 2nd Lt Warren E Simi
RO Cpl Oliver C Wood
CC T/Sgt Joseph Boshen

Chalk 44
44-77645 Radio call sign V
Destroyed by flak. Made run in with both gas tanks on fire, aircraft exploded when it struck the ground One paratrooper refused to jump , reason unknown
P 1st Lt Dudley B Rose Bailed out
CP 2nd Lt Andrew Hobi Bailed out
RO S/Sgt Glenn R Williams Bailed out SIA
CC T/Sgt Clifford C Kroll Bailed out

Chalk 45
44-77637 Radio call sign Q
Destroyed by flak crash landed, aircraft burning before crashing. Left wing struck ground and aircraft exploded, three bodies found in aircraft
P 2nd Lt Donald D Shire KIA
CP 2nd Lt John D Stroud KIA
RO Sgt Bernard Isenberg KIA
CC T/Sgt Norman E Rhoads bailed out SWA slight lacerations and contusions

Serial A6, 2nd Flight 48thTCS

Chalk 46
44-77518 Radio call sign J
Destroyed by flak belly and both wings on fire, made run over DZ with aircraft burning
P 1st Lt Robert B Reeder KIA
CP 2nd Lt Albert L Strohm KIA
N 1st Lt John E Hawkinson Bailed out right shin hit by small arms fire LIA
RO S/Sgt Raymond A Hill Bailed out
CC S/Sgt Galeen B Boltjes Bailed out
Capt Eric Freidhein Bailed out

Chalk 47
44-77474 Radio call sign E
Destroyed shot down by flak, plane was burning before crash
P 1st Lt Junior R Barton KIA
CP 2nd Lt William S Hawley KIA
RO Sgt Elwood R Kressley KIA
CC S/Sgt Francis W Boyle Bailed out Wounded in left LIA

Chalk 48
Right wing rib, inboard flap, left door, right hand landing gear, left wing hole near tip numerous flak holes No injuries 3rd echelon repair
P 2nd Lt Robert J Esler
CP F/O William D McClelland
RO Cpl Donald F Young
CC T/Sgt Lowell Baughman

Chalk 49
Destroyed by flak, belly of aircraft caught fire, right wing blew off before crashing. Crew all jumped except navigator. Paratrooper refused to jump, shot in right arm whilst descending
P 1st Lt Joe T Henderson Bailed out fracture fibula right simple LIA
CP 2nd Lt Sheldon J Witt Bailed out
N 2nd Lt Edward J Musall KIA multiple fractures, lacerations and compound skull frscture crashed with aircraft
RO S/Sgt John Badzo Bailed out leg injury LIA
CC T/Sgt Harry A Mosbaugh Bailed out

Chalk 50
Destroyed by flak, right wing on fire when last seen
P 2nd Lt Gerald B Hamilton KIA
CP 2nd Lt Wayne Wilson KIA
RO S/Sgt Albert E Lewis Bailed out
CC T/Sgt Wenzel T Klimek Bailed out sprained ankle LIA

Chalk 51
44-77575 Radio call sign W
Right hand landing gear door, Left elevator and horizontal stabilizer many holes in fuselage Flaps out etc. Flew from rendezvous and over DZ only able to get twelve inches of mercury on left engine. Hydraulic system, booster and trim tabs shot out.
But got safely back No crew injuries. 3rd echelon repair
P 1st Lt Robert W Wilson
CP 2nd Lt Warren R Watson
RO Sgt Bert J Sutherland
CC Sgt Joe Q Smith

Chalk 52
44-77602 Radio call sign M
Destroyed by flak
P 1st Lt James P Claussen KIA
CP 2nd Lt Ruben Levy KIA
N 1st Lt Walter L Ruzzo KIA
RO S/Sgt George J Kuhn KIA
CC T/Sgt Charles L Williams thrown clear of wreckage when aircraft crash landed. Laceration to groin and contusion to left eye SIA

Chalk 53
44-77521 Radio call sign P
Left engine hit, right wing near tip, fuselage near bottom of rudder. One paratrooper returned, not a refusal wounded before jump. Crew uninjured 3rd echelon repair
P 1st Lt Glen H Smith
CP 2nd Lt Joseph P McCartan
RO Cpl Howard P Schroff
CC Sgt Robert C Snider

Chalk 54
Aircraft damaged by 20mm flak, pilot’s overhead electrical panel, fuselage skin, pilot landed at airfield A-87 3rd echelon repair
P 1st Lt Emanuel Cherkasky Left upper arm hit, LWA. All other crew uninjured
CP 2nd Lt John F Fraser
RO S/Sgt Donald R Miller
CC T/Sgt James M Reardon

Serial A6, 3rd Flight 47thTCS

Chalk 55
44-77541 Radio call sign A
Crew uninjured
P Maj Maynard T Swartz
CP 1st Lt William F Brooks
N Capt Gordon A Dick
RO S/Sgt Edward G Roehm
CC T/Sgt Thomas J White

Chalk 56
44-77527 Radio call sign O
Destroyed by flak aircraft last seen heading SW toward the Rhine, SW of DZ 1016hrs, right wing and gas tanks on fire, flames lapping in to starboard jump door.
Sgt Hyry bailed out shortly after troops were dropped, followed by Sgt Morris. Lt LeVan bailed out after right turn had been made, follow by Lt Ketchum. Lt Sarrett was coming through cockpit by the navigator’s enroute to jump door when Capt Ketchum jumped. One paratroop, believed to be dead, was reported still in aircraft Capt Ketchum and Lt LeVan jumped
P 1st Lt Richard P Sarrett KIA
CP 2nd Lt Quinton E LeVan Bailed out SW of DZ. Returned to B54 26th March
N Capt Richard R Ketchum Bailed out near DZ returned to B54 26th March
RO S/Sgt Reino J Hyry Bailed out KIA
CC T/Sgt Maurice G Morris Bailed out over Haminkein returned to B54 26th

Chalk 57
44-77517 Radio call sign S
Small arms in hole in right cargo compartment and up through cockpit, crew not injured Crew uninjured 1st echelon repair
P 1stLt Richard L Wallace
CP 1st Lt Lawrence C Davis
RO S/Sgt Fenton J Fleming
CC T/Sgt Francis J Maloney

Chalk 58
Blew tyre whilst taxing in to position at Achiet before take off, crew transferred to spare No1 44-77653

Chalk 58 replacement
44-77653 Radio call sign E
Two small holes, right wing nacelle door right, right wing nacelle, right wing nacelle fairing, crew were uninjured
P Capt George R Cambridge
CP 2nd Lt Horace A Dickerson
N 1st Lt William A Cooper
RO S/Sgt George E Levesque
CC T/Sgt Francis V Walsh

Chalk 59
44-77519 Radio call sign K
Crash landed in open field left engine shot out right engine failed. Aircraft suffered 200 small arms hits, large flak hole right side of jump door, flak hole left side, flak hole in front of vertical stabilizer. Right engine hit in induction system was pulling only 30inches before failing crash landed near airfield Y-55 Venlo / Blerick
P 1st Lt Edward C Koenig
CP 2nd Lt Ned Driggers
RO S/Sgt Merwin C Chambers
CC T/Sgt John W Birchman

Chalk 60
44-77603 Radio call sign C
Left aileron severed by small arms fire, ineffective when turned to the right, small arms hits right rear tank, right centre section between nacelle and fuselage, trailing edge left nacelle, right elevator trim tab and hold damage by flak hit right outside nacelle door Crew uninjured 3rd echelon repair
P 1st Lt Paul C Cody
CP 1st Lt Willard F Barber
RO S/Sgt William Hauptman
CC T/Sgt Maurice J Raab
OB Capt Charles N Segal

Chalk 61
44-77576 Radio call sign U
Small hole left wing Crew uninjured
P 1st Lt Allen C Braem
CP 1st Lt William C Howell
N 1st Lt Michael J O’Rourke
RO S/Sgt Melvin C Prill
CC T/Sgt Lloyd D Triller

Chalk 62
44-77595 Radio call sign B
Destroyed Aircraft observed to power dive short of DZ, exploded on contact. Unconfirmed reports by investigators say aircraft wreckage identified with bodies of paratroopers and crew aboard, all thirty paratroopers aboard aircraft killed
P 1st Lt Moorehead Phillips KIA
CP 1st Lt William C Simmons KIA
RO S/Sgt Harold M Power KIA
CC T/Sgt Homer W Lundine KIA

Chalk 63
44-77656 Radio call sign D
Front window shattered by small arms fire, flak hit in hydraulic system under cockpit, one hole in vertical stabilizer 3ft by 1ft, shell through jump door exploded in roof, elevator trim tabs inoperative. 5 inch hole in nose between parapacks, left wing flaps punctured by small arms fire. Landed with out brakes, undercarriage cranked down by hand, landed at airfield Y-32 Openhoven Crew uninjured 3rd echelon repair
P 2nd Lt Robert J Peterson
CP 2nd Lt John J Stanwick
RO Sgt Angelo Petitti
CC T/Sgt Vincent P Gautreaux

Serial A6, 4th Flight 47thTCS

Chalk 64
44-77580 Radio call sign T
3 inch hole right inboard flap, small arms hole in vertical stabilizer Crew uninjured 1st echelon repair
P Capt Thomas M Dodson
CP Capt John R Miller
N 1st Lt Gale W Lee
RO S/Sgt David E Chambers
CC T/Sgt Ralph E Webber

Chalk 65
44-77540 Radio call sign Q
Undamaged Crew uninjured
P 1st Lt Lyle A Foutz
CP LtCol Ralph E Schmidt
N 2ndLt Samuel D Leverson
RO S/Sgt Rudolph C Fielder
CC T/Sgt George Waterson

Chalk 66
44-77571 Radio call sign M
Undamaged Crew uninjured
P 2ndLt Richard D Hill
CP 2ndLt John Paltenawick
RO S/Sgt Timothy J Moynihan
CC T/Sgt Theodore R Sankey

Chalk 67
44-77572 Radio call sign I
Undamaged Crew uninjured
P 1st Lt Bartram H Dilks
CP 1st Lt Francis X Murphy
N 1st Lt Ted J Boleck
RO S/Sgt James S Pierce
CC T/Sgt Eldon L Stucky

Chalk 68
Cowl flap cylinder blew out, developed hydraulic leak prior to take off crew transferred to Spare No2 44-77544

Chalk 68 replacement
44-77544 Radio call sign F
Two small arms holes in right wing Crew uninjured 1st echelon repair
P 1st Lt Felix G Dickerson Jr
CP 2ndLt Robert J McMullen Jr
RO Sgt Edwin E Laine
CC S/Sgt Phillip G Morgan

Chalk 69
44-77539 Radio call sign L
One small arms hole through left wing gas tank near gas cap Crew uninjured 1st echelon repair
P 1stLt Vincent K Prince
CP 2ndLt Raymond I Morris
RO S/Sgt Donald G Haffeman
CC T/Sgt Claude A Walker

Chalk 70
44-77566 Radio call sign P
Undamaged Crew uninjured
P 1st Lt Edward W Paul Jr
CP 2ndLt Thomas E Evans Jr
N 1st Lt Frank T Hayes
RO T/Sgt Anthony J Yanero
CC T/Sgt Thomas A Goodman
PR T3 Richard J Ham

Chalk 71
44-77600 Radio call sign H
Two holes in left wing, one hole 5ft by 3ft, another 1ft in diameter, hit in left prop blade, small arms fire left gas tank, foot wide hole in horizontal stabilizer, one hole in tailwheel nacelle. Plane in category AC. Landed airfield A-92 Sint-Truiden Sgt Raidy wounded over DZ by exploding flak. No1 paratrooper hit in stomach prior to jump but pushed overboard. Pilot landed at A-92 because of gas leak and because of aircraft unstability. Crew returned to B-54 25th March, Sgt Raidy hospitalized in Belgium (St Trond) released from hospital and returned to base 7th April 1945 3rd echelon repair
P 1st Lt Ernest Hammesfahr
CP 1st Lt William C Rowley
RO Sgt Augustine A Raidy Shrapnel wound in left thigh LWA
CC T/Sgt Charles H Wendorf

Chalk 72
44-77581 Radio call sign G
Destroyed by enemy ground fire, flaps stuck between ½ and a ¼ down, aircraft apparently hit in nose flames observed in cockpit. Sgt Gardner returned to B-54 28th March, he reported bailing out east of Rhine SW of DZ. When he jumped Lt Weiser and Sgt Wolfe were leaving front section of plane and heading toward the jump door. Lt Higgins who had not been wearing a parachute was fastening one on. Lt Blendinger was still in the cockpit apparently setting the automatic pilot. Sgt Gardner saw nothing of the aircraft after he jumped crash position unknown
P 1stLt Bert L Blendinger KIA
CP 2ndLt Robert M Weiser KIA
RO Sgt Emmett L Wolfe KIA
CC T/Sgt Edward J Garner Jr Bailed out
PR 2ndLt Charles A Higgins
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Chalk 13
Crashed on take off at Achiet Le Grand due to crosswind over runway, salvaged No injuries
P 1st Lt Gilbert A Whiteside
CP F/O Thomas J Hail
N 2nd Lt George H Pete
RO S/Sgt Fredrick Sherman
CC T/Sgt Roy L Sharrett
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